Are Termites Threatening Your Mesa AZ Home or Business?

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Are Termites Threatening Your Mesa AZ Home or Business?

Statistics show that your home is more likely to be destroyed by termites than a fire. These tiny pests cause over $5 billion in damages to American homes each year. As a homeowner in Mesa, AZ you need to know the risks involved with termites as well as the signs to look for. Early detection is the best way to minimize their damage.

The Top Signs of Termite Damage

• Floors – Termites are known to damage laminate floors as well as skirting boards. Floors affected by termites may sag or have a blistered look. Floors may also have increased spring or develop a spongy feel.
• Walls – Keep an eye out for any unexplained cracks on the interior walls of your home. As these pests consume the cellulose they find in the timber of your walls, small cracks develop.
• Ceilings – Your wooden ceilings, architraves, beams, and attic rafters are at as much risk of termite damage as the timber found in lower areas. Watch for cracks appearing on cornices and ceilings.
• Foundations – The ease in which termites can invade your home depends upon the type of foundation you have. Most homes have concrete foundations, but that doesn’t mean you are not at risk. Termites can squeeze through the tiny cracks in a concrete block in order to reach your wooden floor joists in search of food. Homes with crawl spaces are at the greatest risk as they are constructed mainly of wood.
• Windows and doors – If your windows and doors are sticking, you may have termites. The tunneling that termites do as they are eating can misshape the window and door frames within your home. This makes these items harder to open.
• The Roof – Broken or loose roof tiles in Mesa, AZ can cause excessive moisture in your house. This attracts termites that can enter through the broken tiles and reach the wood within the walls.

Exterior Termite Damage

Termites can attack exterior spaces too. The wooden fence posts and decking used in your garden area is at a great risk of infestation. Long term damage can lead to a collapse. They may also damage your trees and cause branches to drop which can be a danger to your home.

How to Get Rid of Termites

In order to get rid of a termite infestation, you need the help of a professional like those at Atomic Pest Control. Our highly accredited experts have been Serving Arizona since 1987. Schedule an appointment for them to inspect your home and property. They can determine if you have a termite infestation and will know how to remove them before they cause any more harm.

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