Springtime Pest Control Tips in Phoenix, Arizona

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Springtime Pest Control Tips in Phoenix, Arizona

Considering the number of pests in existence, you may wonder how you can maintain a pest-free home. However, there are ways to keep your dwelling insect free and comfortable, despite the many types of vermin that maybe looking for a new spring home. Below are the three most common spring pests and how to recognize their presence in your home through the type of damage they cause:


At some point in time, virtually all homeowners must deal with rats or mice. Unfortunately, rodent infestations are not nearly as uncommon as you may think. Mice and rats are attracted to essentially any kind of food and are almost impossible to eliminate if they find appetizing fare in your home.

Thankfully, their presence is easier to discover that other types of pests due to the damage they leave behind. For example, because they chew extensively to find a meal, shredded boxes and bags are almost always associated with the presence of rodents. Therefore, if you see anything in your pantry that appears to have been gnawed on or you discover boxes that are damaged for no apparent reason, rats are probably the culprit.

In addition, rat droppings are easy to spot, as they are difficult to mistake for anything else. They usually look like small, black pellets and are generally found in proximity to where you discovered shredded containers or boxes.


Termites are regarded by many consumers as the biggest enemy to a safe home, as their activity can easily damage both the interior and exterior of the dwelling and subsequently create costly repairs for the homeowner. Even though there is generally no rhyme or reason to when and where they choose to invade, their activity significantly increases during spring and summer.

If they go undetected, it only takes them a short amount of time to cause considerable damage to your house, which may ultimately lower its value. Tiny wood shavings that cannot be explained away are hallmark sign of termites. You may even notice tiny holes in wood furniture, walls, floor boards and similar surfaces. Because such pests move in large colonies and have the ability to bore deeply into wooden structures, timing is of the essence if you discover termites in your home.


Scorpions enjoy spring and summer, as they thrive in warm, dry weather. However, unlike termites and rats, they rarely leave telltale signs of their presence, making them a particularly dangerous pest. Many homeowners discover scorpions after one or more have died in the home and the carcasses are found. If you see even one creature of this type, call a professional immediately, as untrained individuals are not qualified to deal with scorpions infestations, whether mild or severe.

Although home remedies are available for termites, rats and even scorpions, most are not strong enough to kill pests of this type due to the banning of DDT and other pesticides. For this reason, it is always in your best interest to turn the extermination process over to a qualified Phoenix, Arizona pest control professional to effectively eliminate any infestation that has occurred.

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