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Say Goodbye to Spiders, Spider Pest Control Phoenix

 Arizona is home to many different kinds of spiders, and one that you’re sure to notice if it’s in or around your home is the spider. With legs that can span up to five inches, they’re easy to see. These large spiders usually live outside, but it’s not unheard of them to invade a home in search of prey or shelter.

Not all Spiders are not highly poisonous, but if you’re allergic to them the reaction to a bite can land you in the hospital, or worse. They also have tiny hairs on their legs and body that contain a mild poison and can cause itching and irritation for days if they get into your nose, mouth, or other sensitive parts of your body.

Their normal diet consists of various types of insects and other small creatures. Typically, they don’t bite humans, but if they feel threatened, they may bite as a way of defending themselves. A spider bite is most often described as feeling much like a bee sting, not a serious injury but something you’re sure to notice.

If you discover spiders in or near your home, you want to discourage them from coming inside as well as keeping them out of your yard, especially if you have small children or pets. One of the best ways to get spiders to leave is to eliminate their food supply. If you have any kind of insects in your home, they’re likely to bring spiders in as the spiders look for food.

Get rid of the food source by clearing your home of all spider prey and the large spiders will have no reason to lurk inside. Also get rid of places where they nest, such as in dark corners of your garage, basement, or under pieces of furniture that are seldom moved.

A spider nest looks something like a tunnel made of spider web. Use a special “spider vac” to vacuum these nests out of your home. If you want to save the spider, use a broom to chase it into a glass jar, then put a lid on it and take the spider outside. Release it away from your house.

To prevent a return of the spiders, or to get rid of them in the first place, a professional exterminator can apply chemical treatments to the areas where these spiders live. This will kill any spiders in your home, along with the egg sacs that will release baby spiders if they aren’t dealt with. You should then be able to live spider-free.

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