Got A Black Widow Problem In Phoenix AZ?

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Got A Black Widow Problem In Phoenix AZ?

Spiders are a fact of life when you live in Phoenix, Arizona, but if you have a black widow spider infestation, then you’re going to want to get a professional exterminator to remove them. Black widows are easy to identify because of their round black bodies with the red hourglass shape underneath. Their webs are untidy, asymmetrical and stickier than regular spiders.

Black widows like to make their home in dark, undisturbed places, especially in boxes, under woodpiles and near faucets. It’s important to wear gloves when you’re moving items where black widows may be living. While black widow spiders tend to keep to themselves, they will become aggressive to protect themselves.

The venomous bite of the black widow is normally not deadly, but it’s extremely painful. The bite can cause an allergic reaction, swelling, difficulty breathing, nausea and itchy skin. Children, seniors and people who have a compromised immune system can become seriously ill or die when bitten by a black widow, so it’s important to eradicate them from your home with the services of a licensed exterminator.

There are some ways to prevent black widows from invading your home. Keep clutter to a minimum and keep your house clean. Black widows often find a home under furniture or behind household items that haven’t been moved for a while. Vacuum the corners, ceilings and vents often to prevent black widows from getting comfortable. When it comes to the exterior of your home, cut back shrubs and keep your landscaping well maintained. Move any stacks of wood or other items away from your home, just don’t forget to wear protective gear when you do.

Black widows can cause serious injury to your family or pets. Contact us for a black widow or spider free home so you can relax. We’re here for all of your spider extermination needs in Phoenix, Arizona.

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