Some of the Ways our Pest Control Professionals Help Phoenix, Arizona Homeowners

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Some of the Ways our Pest Control Professionals Help Phoenix, Arizona Homeowners

People who live in Phoenix, Arizona, would probably agree that pest control is a serious issue here in the Valley of the sun with our desert climates. From bed bugs to scorpions to pigeons and rats, it seems that there is always some kind of unwelcome guest in or around one’s home. Below are some tips about getting rid of the most troublesome Phoenix pests, pigeons and rodents.


Because they are opportunistic feeders, pigeons frequently target residential dwellings to nest, roost, and look for accessible food sources. Homes with open garbage containers, properties on which a variety of animals are fed and dwellings where outdoor dining on a patio or deck is a frequent occurrence are all popular targets among pigeons.


In addition to irritating those who reside on the property, pigeons can also make the latter quite messy, as they tend to travel in flocks and subsequently their excrement reaches a high volume in virtually no time. These accumulated droppings can spread disease and even parasites, ticks and mites.

Safety and Control

The best way to eliminate these irritating birds is to cut off any food sources. When this is accomplished, they usually vacate the premises in a matter of days. Scare tactics do not work very well with such birds, as they are usually accustomed to being around humans. Trapping and removal is another option, as this does not harm the birds, but rather allows them to be reintroduced to another area. However, trapping and relocating pigeons is not a DIY project. It is best to contact a professional to discuss different pigeon control options.


Unfortunately, rodents of all kinds have been around for hundreds of years. They invade yards, apartments, homes and sometimes even business establishments. Because they can live off crumbs and refuse, they are a genuine nuisance to property owners everywhere.

Bait and Trap

The bait and trap method is one of the most effective ways to control rats. As its name implies, one must simply place a small amount of appealing food on the floor of the trap, and when it is discovered by the rat the trap releases and the rat is killed.

There are also poisons that when consumed, encourage the rat to leave the house to seek water and thus the rat dies somewhere off the premises.

Electronic devices can also be used to help keep mice, rats and other rodents at bay. Such devices emit a high-frequency tone that human ears cannot hear, but is exceptionally loud for rodents. Unfortunately, however, such devices are quite costly and can also irritate dogs and cats. Therefore, this choice is only appropriate in homes that do not house pets.

Ultimately, the best way to eliminate any type of pest is to contact one of our professional exterminators. This is the only way to ensure a satisfactory outcome, and avoid making costly or dangerous mistakes.

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