Solving a Termite Problem: Things You Should Know

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Solving a Termite Problem: Things You Should Know

Termites are potentially one of the most damaging pests that you can come into contact with. They sneak their way into houses and begin eating away at any wood they come into contact with. While those suffering from a termite infestation can feel helpless at times, here are a few tips to help you eradicate your termite problem and prevent any further invasions.

Keep Your House Dry

Termites thrive in areas that are moist and damp. Naturally, one of the best methods of prevention would be to keep your house as dry as possible. This may be relatively easy for the more frequented places in your house, but termites typically favor the locations that humans don’t occupy. We’re talking attics, crawl spaces and the likes. Keeping these areas from becoming too wet requires a bit more effort and due diligence. Some major contributors to the moisture-level in these spaces include humidity and busted or leaky piping from water damage. Humidity is an issue in Arizona and can really only be prevented by temperature control. As for leaky or busted pipes, a simple routine check to make all pipes and junctions are intact will suffice.

Block Entrances

Termites can only find their way into a house that has an access point. However, these little crevices and cracks won’t be obvious to the naked eye as termites can squeeze through small spaces. A careful inspection by a trained professional can do the trick. Pest control experts know how these little critters think, what they like and how they act. This gives them an edge when looking for the exact access point that termites have been favoring in your home. Once located, these entrances can sealed quickly and easily making sure no more termites are able to find their way in.

Termite Sray

Perhaps the most effective method to cure your termite trouble is to break out the big gun: Termidor. Widely regarded as the “gold standard” for getting rid of termites, Termidor is specially designed to soak into the areas where termites have made their home and eradicate them. Termidor is used by every big name pest control company in the industry and is typically injected into holes that have been drilled near areas that are inhabited by termites. While this method is effective, it also has negative consequences. The large holes that are drilled leave unappealing marks and the liquid state of Termidor can warp and discolor areas in which it was sprayed. Atomic Pest Control is the only pest control company that has developed a specially designed dry foam version of Termidor. It delivers all of the same killing power of the classic version without the damaging effects caused by the liquid form.

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