Eliminating Silverfish in Your Scottsdale, AZ Home

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Eliminating Silverfish in Your Scottsdale, AZ Home

People who live in Arizona know about the dangers of pests such as scorpions and termites, but do you know about silverfish? These small pests are not poisonous like scorpions, and they won’t eat the wood in your home like termites, but they can still create quite a problem for you in your home. They can sustain themselves off of paper and fabric, and if left undetected, they can ruin items that are left in storage.

What do Silverfish look like?
Silverfish are about 3/4 of an inch long, and they have six legs. They are called Silverfish because they have a silverfish hue to their bodies and move in a way that is similar to a fish. They also look somewhat like a cockroach, but their bodies are slightly slimmer. They also have several antennae.

How do Silverfish enter a house?
There are several ways that they can enter a home. Cracks in a foundation are one way, but if you have a Silverfish infestation, you also might have inadvertently brought them in. If you have recently gone to garage sales or antique markets, especially if you bought anything with paper or fabric goods, you might have introduced them to your home when you brought in the cardboard boxes.

How do you get rid of a Silverfish Infestation?
Cinnamon actually does deter Silverfish, but Silverfish, unfortunately, will only find ways to avoid the cinnamon. If you already have an infestation, cinnamon will not kill them, and it also won’t get them to leave. To get rid of Silverfish, like most pest removal methods, there are a few stages.

1. Finding the Source of the Silverfish Problem
One of the first things that an exterminator will do is find where the Silverfish are nesting. They often like to nest in cool, moist places, such as cracks in a foundation. A cool garage will appeal to them, as well, especially if there is food, such as paper or clothing.

2. Use Chemical or Natural Pesticides
A professional pest control service will find ways to kill and deter Silverfish. Finding the source and eliminating a Silverfish infestation early is especially important because they breed very quickly. Female Silverfish can lay up to 20 eggs per day, and the eggs can become adults within three to four months. This is why it’s important to eliminate the eggs, as well.

3. Deterring Silverfish in the Future
Since Silverfish love cool, humid places, turning on dehumidifiers is a good way to prevent further infestations. A pest control professional should also determine the point of entry.

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