Learn More About Scottsdale’s Most Annoying Pests and How to Get Rid of them

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Learn More About Scottsdale’s Most Annoying Pests and How to Get Rid of them

Virtually all homeowners require pest control services at some point in time to keep their dwellings free from unwanted guests, such as bed bugs, termites, bees, rodents or scorpions. Some pests are simply irksome to look at and annoying to Scottsdale, AZ property owners, while others are dangerous and can spread germs or deliver painful bites. The following are some of the most common creatures that attempt to infest homes in the Scottsdale Metro area.


If you are like most homeowners, you would probably agree that discovering rodents on your property is at the very least unpleasant, and frightening at its worst. Not only do such creatures inspire disgust, they can carry virtually any type of disease into your home. It is also a disturbing thought to picture them sneaking into your food pantry or kitchen at night to chew through cracker or cereal boxes to help themselves to your food supply. Poisons and traps are easy to acquire in most stores, but if you have indoor pets, the use of poisons and traps is not recommended. Instead, you should turn the task over to a qualified professional.


Most of the Scottsdale area bee species are African bees, which can be very dangerous if provoked. Certain bee killing formulas can be purchased in hardware stores or home improvement outlets, but are only indicated for very mild problems. Serious infestations require the skills of an exterminator who can eliminate entire colonies.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in Arizona are not uncommon, and they are particularly difficult to get rid of without professional help. They are tiny, flat bugs featuring a reddish brown color, and many homeowners are unaware of their presence until they experience bites. Remedies such as boric acid can be used to eradicate bed bugs if they are discovered early, but bed linens should be discarded if possible. The bed frame and box spring should then be cleaned with bleach. Serious infestations, however, can be very challenging to control.


Termites are not merely ugly to look at, they can also do considerable structural damage to a dwelling. In many cases, they burrow deep into walls and are often alive and well for several years before there is any visible sign of damage. For this reason, it is important to have frequent termite inspections, even if there are no overt signs of their presence.


Numerous scorpion species are found in Arizona, such as the Giant Desert Hairy scorpion and the Bark scorpion. Such creatures enter homes through the smallest of cracks, and are extraordinarily skilled at hiding until they are ready to strike. Most scorpions are highly active at night, and can even make their way onto furniture or underneath bed covers. If a serious infestation is underway, you should immediately call a professional.

Considering the level of damage and discomfort insects, rodents and scorpions can cause, all homeowners should have their dwellings evaluated by a professional exterminator who can execute proper measures to ensure such creatures are eradicated.

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