Why Scorpions Are Invading Your Phoenix Home

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Why Scorpions Are Invading Your Phoenix Home

With eight legs, a pair of pincers and a stinger, just the sight of a scorpion is enough to invoke fear in Phoenix homeowners. Your home is your own territory, so it shouldn’t be overrun with pests. When scorpions invade your home, it creates a stressful and chaotic environment for you and your family. The first step to ridding your home of these arachnids, however, is to determine why they invaded your property.

It’s Too Humid

Scorpions prefer moist environments with a relative humidity of 60 percent or higher. As most Arizonians know, Phoenix is relatively dry year-round. During summer, though, humidity levels increase as monsoons form, thereby leaving homes and businesses susceptible to scorpion infestations. To keep these pests out of your home, you should install a dehumidifier and set it to 40 percent to 50 percent relative humidity.

There’s Plenty of Food

Like other common household pests, scorpions typically invade a Phoenix home or area in search of food. While the diet of a scorpion varies depending on the species, most feed on spiders, lizards and other small insects. If your home offers a plentiful source of food for them, you are likely to experience a scorpion infestation. This is why it’s important to keep all bugs, even harmless ones, out of your home.

There’s Plenty of Water

The lack of natural water sources in Phoenix forces scorpions to seek water elsewhere, including homes. Granted, scorpions don’t drink much, but they still need water to survive nonetheless. You may discover scorpions in your kitchen or bathroom, indicating that these pests are searching for water. To discourage scorpions from entering your home, avoid leaving water in the sink, tub and other areas.

They Hitched a Ride

It’s not uncommon for scorpions to enter a Phoenix home by hitching a ride. If you recently moved, for example, you may have unknowingly brought scorpions from your previous residence. When they aren’t searching for food, scorpions will conceal themselves in dark places, such as cardboard boxes. As a result, moving can sow the seeds for an infestation.

Don’t let a scorpion infestation prevent you and your family from enjoying your Phoenix home. Contact our professional Phoenix Scorpion pest control specialist today to rain control of your home and your life.

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