8 Ways to Exterminate Scorpions

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8 Ways to Exterminate Scorpions

Scorpions are household pests that have the ability to wreak havoc on a home. Such is the reason why you should move for extermination at first sight of these creatures in or around your home. Here are eight ways to rid your property of scorpions in Phoenix, Arizona.

1. Seal Your Home
Scorpions, like other household pests, find their way into residences through any crack or crevice. Sealing holes with caulk is the best way to ensure that the little animals do not enter the home from the outside.

2. Remove all Food Sources
Boxes filled with cereal and open bags of chips are a scorpion’s treasure. You should invest in plastic containers in which you can store food when there is a pest problem. It is also wise to thoroughly clean your stovetop and oven as leftover food from last night’s dinner can serve as today’s breakfast for pests.

3. Exterminate The Residence of Insects
Did you know that scorpions are animals and, as such, feed off bugs? Pests like cockroaches and ants attract scorpions, so it is important to rid your home of insects before seeking professional help for exterminating scorpions.

4. Strive for Open Space Outside
Scorpions love dark areas where they can hide, which is why you should refrain from decorating your yard with large and small fixtures that give them shelter. It is best to have open space that is free of rocks and statues when you live in an area prone to scorpion infestation.

5. Discard Cardboard Inside
Boxes in the garage are a scorpion’s best friend. Consider storing keepsakes in plastic containers instead of cardboard to avoid a pest takeover.

6. Keep Dirty Clothes Off The Floor
As with cardboard boxes, dirty clothes provide shelter for scorpions. You should do laundry often and refrain from letting soiled apparel stay on the floor for days at a time.

7. Make Use of Repellants and Traps
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, a scorpion finds its way on the premises and inside the residence. You can protect your home against these surprise attacks by spraying around the borders with insecticides and laying traps for the animals in the garage.

8. Seek Professional Help
Seeing one scorpion is the equivalent of ten being on the premises. You should contact your local exterminator upon first sight of these pests to ensure that the problem does not become worse.

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