Atomic School Supply Fundraiser:

sf_thumb We know that the teachers pay a lot out of their own pockets each year for their students to have the materials students need to have the best learning experience during their time in class for the school year. Elementary classrooms, in particular, require a lot of materials to keep learning activities fun and productive.

We want to help your school by providing a fundraiser that will benefit your school, your staff, and your students throughout the school year. We will provide the fliers and necessary information for teachers to give the students to take home to their families. Easy, Right?!

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Give us a call to receive information on this fundraiser opportunity. We would love to meet with you in person to discuss the information further, let us know a time that would work best to meet you!

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Schools Currently Participating in 2014-2015 School Year:

Highland High School Band
Check out the 5th Annual Highland/ASU Jazz Festival!