How to Get Rid of Mice and Roof Rats in Scottsdale

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How to Get Rid of Mice and Roof Rats in Scottsdale

The year-round warm climate in Scottsdale can lead to having numerous pests inside a home, but you can contact an exterminator for routine or emergency services. If you have rodents in a home or business, then you must contact a pest control company immediately to prevent additional problems caused by the droppings and urine from mice or rats. Rodents can transmit dangerous diseases to humans, including:

• Hantavirus
• Rat-bite fever
• Bubonic plague
• Leptospirosis
• Salmonella

Some rodents are aggressive while looking for food, leading to severe injuries from bites or transmission of infections.

Follow Local Health and Safety Regulations

When rodents are in a commercial property, local health and safety regulations require fast remediation to avoid having a business closed. In a home, children and family pets risk contamination from the rodents’ body waste. Rodents can also infest medical facilities and educational institutions where food is stored in kitchens.

The Importance of Humane Trapping Methods

While having rodents removed quickly is imperative, you won’t want to have dangerous poisons on surfaces where people and family pets will walk. Fortunately, pest control companies have an assortment of humane traps to capture rodents safely. With humane capture, an exterminator can remove rats or mice for proper disposal at another location. This ensures that there are no decomposing rodents in the walls or attics of a building.

Exterminators Look For Entrance Locations

Before placing humane traps on a property, an exterminator will look for the entrance locations of the rodents. By placing the sticky traps or wire cages near these holes and crevices, it is possible to capture rodents as the vermin leave the building. An exterminator will inspect a building carefully to determine where the rats and mice are living to find damage.

Have Rodent Odors Eliminated From a Building

Rodents often chew on wood or drywall surfaces, and a large population can destroy building materials such as insulation with urine. It is essential to have the urine-soaked insulation or other materials removed because the scent attracts a new population of rodents. Pest control technicians can remove these damaged materials before applying chemical deodorizers that eliminate the foul odors.

Preventing New Rodent Infestations

Pest control experts can provide advice about preventing rodent infestations in private residences, multifamily dwellings and businesses. You might have long tree branches that make it easy for rodents to climb onto a building’s rooftop to enter small holes, but by trimming a property’s trees, you can prevent rodent invasions. Alternatively, an exterminator might find holes near a building’s foundation where rats and mice can enter, but you can seal these holes with caulking.

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