5 Tips for Eliminating Mice and Rats

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5 Tips for Eliminating Mice and Rats

Virtually everyone would agree that discovering vermin in or around one’s dwelling is at the very least unpleasant. Imagining creatures of this type scuttling around food pantries or creeping through kitchen cupboards to search for food is enough to make most individuals want to eliminate them for good. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of mice and rats. However, for serious infestations, a professional exterminator should be called. Below are some tips to help eradicate these unwelcome house guests:

Keep the Area Clean

Although it may sound like an oversimplified tip, cleaning a dwelling from top to bottom is a great place to begin when one’s goal is to eliminate rodents. Rats and mice are creatures that are naturally drawn to heavily cluttered areas. They enjoy burrowing into boxes of useless household items or piles of clothing. For this reason, throwing out unnecessary items and trash are great ways to encourage such vermin to exit the premises.

Scrubbing areas with bleach after eliminating useless items is also recommended. This is because rodents carry various diseases and germs, and therefore corners and crevices should be sprayed with cleaning solution or scrubbed with bleach.

Seal the House

After the initial cleaning step has been completed, property owners should make a concentrated effort to seal up any spaces through which mice or rats could enter the home. It is important to remember that mice have collapsible skeletons, and therefore can make their way into a dwelling through the tiniest of holes or cracks. For this reason, holes under sinks, cracks in the roof or foundation, and points of entry in the home’s basement should be sealed as tightly as possible.

Using Poison Responsibly

Poison is a quick and thorough way to eliminate mice and rats. Various types of rat poison can be purchased at hardware stores or home improvement outlets, but it is essential for homeowners to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid harm to themselves or residents of the home.

Natural Remedies

Some homeowners prefer natural remedies for rodents. Fortunately, there are several non-toxic substances that repel mice and rats. Peppermint is a terrific all-natural remedy for rodents. Mice and rats hate the scent of peppermint and if it crosses their path, they typically retreat. Peppermint soaked cotton balls or sponges should be placed in any area where one suspects mice are gathering. Baking soda is also in this category, and effectively repels rodents when sprinkled around the perimeter of the house and garage.

When to Call an Exterminator

Although the remedies listed above are often quite effective in eliminating mice and rats from a home, anything other than a mild infestation should be turned over to a licensed exterminator. This is because experienced professionals have the chemicals and equipment to safely and effectively eliminate rodents in one’s home. Anyone who suspects an infestation is underway should contact such a professional as soon as possible.

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