Eliminating Rodents From Your Phoenix Home

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Eliminating Rodents From Your Phoenix Home

Essentially all property owners have discovered the presence of rodents in their dwelling at some point in time. When unwelcome guests of this type appear, it is wise to contact a professional exterminator to have the problem dealt with effectively. However, below are some natural remedies that may also help eliminate mice and rats from your Phoenix, Arizona home and discourage them from returning.


If you are like many consumers, you do not want to use chemicals or poisons in your dwelling unless absolutely necessary. Fortunately, there are several home remedies from which to choose to discourage the presence of mice and rats. One remedy that is definitely worthy of consideration is peppermint oil, which is a scent that typically sends rodents on their way. Because they hate the aroma of peppermint, it can be placed in areas where you suspect they may be hiding and in many cases, the scent will repel them back to the outdoors.

Baking Soda 

Another terrific natural rodent repellent is baking soda. It effectively keeps away mice and rats when sprinkled around your home’s perimeter. However, it is important to reapply the substance after rain showers.

Cleaning With Bleach 

Because pests of all types typically find the smell of bleach repugnant, it is an excellent repellent for mice and rats. However, it is important to be careful when choosing areas in which to place the drops of bleach, as you do not want to damage the surface of wooden floors or allow the substance to come in contact with carpeting.

Seal the Home 

Some additional tips to eliminate the presence of rodents in your home is to make sure all potential entry points are sealed. Holes underneath sinks or in basements should be permanently blocked. Because mice and rats have collapsible skeletons, they can squeeze through the tiniest of holes. Therefore, when in doubt, seal any hole you think they may be able to use to enter the home.

When to Call a Professional 

Although the remedies outlined above are generally very effective when used to eliminate rodents from your dwelling, serious infestations should be placed in the hands of licensed professionals. This is because experienced exterminators have the equipment and chemicals to safely and effectively eradicate mice and rats from your home. If you suspect that anything other than a mild infestation is in progress, contact a professional at your earliest convenience.

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