Rodents Transmit Dangerous Diseases to Humans and Pets

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Rodents Transmit Dangerous Diseases to Humans and Pets

When you have rodents in your home, it is imperative to get rid of the vermin as quickly as possible. Mice and rats can transmit diseases such as Hantavirus and bubonic plague to humans and their pets, leading to hospitalization. In addition, if a rodent is in your home, then the fleas on its body can begin to live in the upholstery of your furniture or in a home’s wall-to-wall carpeting, and fleas can also transmit diseases. Rats and mice are able to squeeze through the tiny holes and crevices that are around a home’s utility lines or near the foundation in order to scurry inside walls.

Mice and Rats Contaminate Your Home With Pathogens

Some rodents climb into a home’s attic to live for several months in a dry place where the rats and mice can gnaw on the wood and electrical wiring. Everything that rodents crawl on is covered with urine and feces, leading to a foul odor that will begin to emanate throughout a home. In many cases, rodents cause thousands of dollars worth of damages to a home before the vermin are eradicated. These rodents will also begin to invade your living spaces to find food in the kitchen. You might have mice or Phoenix roof rats crawling on your cutlery or dishware in the middle of the night without your knowledge, and when you use these dirty items, it can lead to serious illnesses.

Exterminators Capture Rats and Mice

Atomic Pest Control in Phoenix provides exterminators who can inspect a property to find where the rodents are lurking. An exterminator can use rodent eradication methods such as steel, snap or sticky traps. Capturing rodents is safer than having exterminators drop poisonous bait on the floors, and by removing the mice and rats’ bodies from a home, there is less chance of contaminating a home’s surfaces with pathogens. In addition to eliminating the rodents, an exterminator can provide advice concerning keeping vermin out of a home.

Call Atomic Pest Control

When you have rodents in a home in Arizona, it is more difficult to get rid of the vermin because the area has year-round warm temperatures. In addition to capturing rats and mice, we can teach homeowners how to prevent new infestations by sealing the spaces where the rodents can enter and by keeping a home cleaner. Our exterminators make sure to find the rodent’s nests to ensure that there is never a new generation of mice and rats inside a client’s home.

Atomic Pest Control offers routine and emergency pest control services, and customers can contact us with a telephone call at 480-832-8888.

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