The 4 Different Signs Of Rodent Infestation In Your Phoenix Home

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The 4 Different Signs Of Rodent Infestation In Your Phoenix Home

With winter comes unwanted guests. Rodents are pests that invade your space and leave their markings everywhere. Still, you may live in your Phoenix, AZ, home for months before recognizing signs of rats or mice. Rodents are nocturnal creatures who do a good job of hiding during the day and creeping around at night. You may not know, but the tell-tale signs of rodents may be right in your face.

Quick Signs of Rodent Infestation
The following are immediate signs of mice and rats invading your home:

  • Droppings
  • Urine Odors
  • Gnaws in clothing and furniture
  • Noises in the middle of the night

You may notice one or all of these signs in your home. It is best to contact a professional if you notice even one of the above symptoms as rodent infestations have a way of increasing rather quickly.

1. Droppings In The Cupboards And On The Patio
The “raisins” in your cupboard are not from an open bag. Mice and rat feces are quite common when an infestation is severe. A mouse’s droppings are usually no larger than one-fourth of an inch. Meanwhile, rat feces are a bit larger at a half-inch in size. Signs of juvenile and adult rodent presence come in the form of small and large droppings. You may have a large infestation on your hands if you see a lot of droppings in one area.

2. Smells of Urine
Rodent urine has a strong, musty smell that is hard to deny. It is not hard to detect the odor when the infestation is large.

3. Gnawed Holes
Mice have a way of chewing small holes through clothing. Rats, in the meantime, have stronger teeth, which means that they can gnaw through everything from furniture to window screens. It is best to contact a professional when you see small or large holes in your clothes or window screens.

4. Things That Go Bump In The Night
Scratches in the walls and thumps in the attic are not just a product of your imagination. Rodents tend to play hard during the wee hours of the morning when humans are usually sleeping. Your pets may be the household members to tell on the unwanted guests. Cats and dogs tend to bark more or even scratch near locations that rodents find most comfortable.

Your suspicions of hearing and seeing rodents inside of your home in Phoenix may not be exaggerated. It is important that you protect your home from rodents that seek to make your home their own by any means necessary. Call our skilled exterminator today!

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