Ridding Your Home of Pest- The Atomic Pest Control Way

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Ridding Your Home of Pest- The Atomic Pest Control Way

There are many, many pests in Phoenix, AZ so it is important to know which ones you might be dealing with, which ones are dangerous, and what to do about them. Below is a quick and easy guide to help you decide what to do if you come across one of these pests, or who to call in the event that you cannot handle the situation alone. 

Common Pests in Phoenix, Arizona
Some of the most common pests that we see here at atomic pest control are spiders, ants, flies, cockroaches, scorpions, ticks and fleas, and the ever present bird problem. While some of these may just be an annoyance, such as flies and certain types of spiders, others are dangerous or pose a health risk. Cockroaches, ticks, and fleas, which carry diseases and reproduce in rapid succession, should be taken care of with your local pest professionals while scorpions, certain types of spiders, and birds should always be left at the hands of Atomic Pest Control

How We Help You
When it comes to more serious pests that you can’t (or shouldn’t) get rid of alone, call us. Our experienced professionals have multiple techniques that they use to safely and effectively remove common pests from your home. 
For preventative measures, we offer a service called TAP insulation which helps guard your home against roaches, silverfish, ants, and termites. It is also fire resistant and mold resistant. 

Bed Bugs
Simply reading those words can make your skin crawl, but they don’t bother our professionals at Atomic Pest Control! We have a very high success rate of ridding your home from bed bugs. After confirming that you do, in fact, have a bed bug issue, our team will walk you through the next steps and options. One method we use is to apply an insecticide to all cracks, crevices, and anywhere else the bed bugs could be hiding. This also includes bed frames, flooring, headboards, and more. 

However, there is another option available now that uses absolutely no chemicals and simply uses a dry steam vapor that is heated to 270 degrees in order to eradicate and kill bed bugs and their eggs immediately

No matter if you are facing a small issue such as ants or cockroaches, or a much larger issue like a scorpion infestation or the dreaded bed bugs, our team at Atomic Pest Control can help you rid your home or business of these unwanted and disgusting pests. Give us a call today and let us help evict those pesky pests!

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