Prairie Dog Gophers Ruining Your Arizona Golf Course? Yard? Home?

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Prairie Dog Gophers Ruining Your Arizona Golf Course? Yard? Home?

Gophers may have seemed comical in Caddyshack, but in one’s business or residential area, gophers can have a sizeable financial consequence. A gopher can dig mound-shaped tunnels that are about six to eight inches underneath the ground’s surface. Usually, one’s garden or lawn area may just be invaded by one gopher, and they love to feed on any vegetation that’s available. One gopher can cause enough damage on its own, and in addition to building unsightly mounds, it can siphon away essential irrigation water from the yard and chew through plastic underground systems and city utility components as well. These gophers can destroy small trees as well.

It’s safe to say that Chevy Chase style detonations and explosions are not recommended for gopher removal, but there are other ways to have gophers in Arizona removed that is a bit less dramatic. Some unfortunate souls have resorted to “at-home” methods that leave the yard in worse conditions than before. Some of the other methods are also quite dangerous, time-consuming, and require too many extra tools and MacGyver creativity. The best way to stop the gopher problem is to trap the gopher and poison it. Luckily, Atomic Pest Control has a specialty in removing gopher at a reasonable price. Arizona has three different species of gophers to contend with, but the most popular is known as the pocket gopher.

Some of the trap methods used consist of using two-pronged traps in a pinscher style that are attached into a burrow. Several traps can be used, and a more substantial amount of traps increase the chances of capturing one of these crafty creatures. These will eliminate the gopher’s life when it triggers the trap. A common poison that is used is Aluminum Phosphide. It reacts with the dampness in the air and within the oil to make a very toxic gas called phosphine. It’s quite fast-acting without producing any residual poisoning. The poison has to be carefully entered into the gopher’s main burrow for the gopher to experience the full brunt of it. Gophers are quite intelligent and may catch on to what’s going on when they take note that one of their burrows is in danger. In this case, they may try to plug the poisoned tunnel to continue on their merry way to ruining one’s landscape and garden. A hired professional can ensure that the gopher is found, locked, trapped and poisoned in the most efficient way possible.

At Atomic Pest Control, a FREE CONSULTATION is guaranteed, along with a high-level of quality that is highlighted with accreditation from HomeAdvisor. Arizona gophers may be tough, but Atomic Pest Control is tougher. Even without resorting to dramatic antics to get rid of gophers, Atomic Pest Control gets the job done.

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