How to Get Rid of Pigeons in Scottsdale

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pigeons in scottsdale

How to Get Rid of Pigeons in Scottsdale

To some, pigeons are beautiful animals, but to others, pigeons are a nuisance and an overall pest. Pigeons usually like to perch on areas that are considered building ledges, as they are reminiscent of the natural cliff edges that they are naturally drawn to. As many have noticed, pigeons have become quite accustomed to urban life, and thrive in cities and homes all over the world. There are many ways to control pigeons and their nesting in one’s home or commercial area. Individuals may use spikes, nets, artificial and natural deterrents, traps, and even repellents to cull the pigeon population in their area. Some of these can be done at home, but with variable results. It’s best to call a professional in pigeon control to have results that are satisfactory and guaranteed. One may not think that pigeons nesting near or on the home is a big deal, but it’s surprising to find out how many diseases and viruses are spread through their defecation. Bird feces is acidic and is also guaranteed to destroy the areas that it accumulates on.

At Atomic Pest Control, one can obtain a free estimate regarding pigeon control. Yes, birds may be beautiful and may come with many natural benefits, but when a home becomes a population center for pigeons, they can introduce many diseases, defecations, viruses and even a noise disturbance. These kinds of birds can also destroy one’s properties. Atomic Pest Control believes that pigeons, while annoying, may still be an essential part of the ecosystem. Due to this, Atomic uses pigeon elimination methods that are considered efficient, safe and humane. After an expert professionally assesses the pigeon situation, a plan will be initiated to depopulate the pigeons and residual bacteria that they have left behind. The bird expert will remove nesting areas for the pigeons, as well as block access to the standard perching areas within the home. This is to make nesting less attractive to pigeons. Also, the affected home structure will be power washed with a sanitizing solution that is safe and has antibacterial properties. The solution is effective over time, but will not guarantee overnight results. These solutions help slowly wean the pigeons off the property, but in the short term, the birds will start to move away from the affected area.

After the pigeons have left home, there will be no more bird defecation on one’s fences, patios, and roofs. Health threats, such as salmonella and avian flu spread through bird droppings, will no longer be a substantial threat to one’s home or business. Don’t’ waste time trying to deter the pigeons in ways that can be dangerous, such as firing shotguns or using poisonous deterrents. Eliminate the less-than-pleasant task of having to remove dead pigeon carcass from store-bought traps.

Call Atomic Pest Control for pigeon elimination needs. One deserves a home that is safe, clean, and free of health threats that pigeons are notorious for. Atomic delights when the customer is satisfied with the use of their professionally trained pigeon removal experts that are accredited by the state of Arizona.

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