How to Eliminate Annoying Pigeons in Phoenix

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How to Eliminate Annoying Pigeons in Phoenix

There’s a mutual pest that interferes with the quality of life in Phoenix and the surrounding area. Don’t be surprised if several varmints come to mind. Refine your images to a popular mid-sized bird, specifically the pigeon.

One or two of these birds might look cute as they scamper around the roof. However, where one lands a bevy follows. Soon the beautiful Spanish tile roof is covered by noisy, messy pigeons that ignore frantic shouts to scoot away. It is a chore to find out how to humanely eliminate the nightmare pigeon problem in this beautiful Arizona city.

Younger, smaller pigeons like to build their nests under the tiles. The birds continue to grow while they wait for the eggs to hatch. The additional weight and movement of the new family frequently dislodges and cracks the tiles, creating a path for water to enter the structure.

Pigeons tend to stay monogamous once they mate. Professional birdwatchers report as many as five nesting periods a year, frequently using the same nest after couple of months and adding to it when more room is needed. It is easy to see how a community of pigeons can damage the top and upper sides of any building.

The low desert area produces more cacti than tall trees. Smaller birds make a happy home in a Saguaro, but not pigeons with their large bodies and feet. Eliminating the annoying problem takes time, patience, and professional expertise. Learn about pigeon control options while comparing pricing and experience by calling Atomic Pest Control in Phoenix. One suggestion during your one-on-one discussion may be pigeon spikes.

There are many sizes and styles of bird spikes. Some of the more popular have 3-inch, 5-inch, or 7-inch steel or plastic spikes. The narrow strips are designed to attach on window sills, eaves, and roofs. The glue tracks and screw holes create a secure, safe attachment on surfaces like roof tiles, concrete, and wood.

The purpose of the spikes is to make it hard for pigeons to land and walk on structures. An advantage of using steel spikes instead of plastic is that the steel stands up to the hot Phoenix sun. The steel is harder for birds and people to see when used on the walls and roof of homes, buildings, and businesses. Learn about Atomic Pest Control’s available deterrents and how to get rid of Pigeons in Phoenix, AZ today.

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