Pest Control Methods to Eliminate Pesky Pigeons in Scottsdale

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Pest Control Methods to Eliminate Pesky Pigeons in Scottsdale

A pigeon infestation on your property is not just about contending with noisy birds. These pests also pose numerous health risks. Some of the deadly infections that pigeons could expose you to include:

• Psittacosis: A bacterial infection that can be passed on to humans through pigeons
• Histoplasmosis: A fungal infection that comes about when you inhale pigeon fecal matter that is airborne
• Cryptococcosis: A fungal infection that comes about when you pigeon droppings comes into direct contact with your skin

In addition to these diseases, there is the added risk of exposure to parasites that are drawn to birds’ nests. As the mites multiply, they begin to spread, which could lead to you and your loved ones becoming blood hosts. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that just as you are looking to rid your premises of pigeons, you should eradicate their nests too. So what are some of the pest control methods in Phoenix AZ that you could consider to eliminate pesky pigeons?

Live traps

One of the easiest pigeon control methods you could opt for is the installation of live traps around your residence. Bait such as wheat or corn can be placed inside the traps to lure the pigeons. However, do not close the trap immediately one bird gets in. You should wait until a significant number of them have congregated before you close the trap. It would then be advisable to either kill the pigeons yourself or hire pest control professionals in Phoneix AZ to come and collect the pigeons from your residence. Failure to do so increases the likelihood of the pigeons coming back due to their homing capabilities

Exclusion roofing

This type of pigeon control method is also referred to as pigeon roofing. It entails the modification of your property’s roof to ensure that pigeons do not have any access to roost. Exclusion roofing is an attractive option as there is a broad range of choices that you could choose. One method would be the installation of spikes, making it hard for the pigeons to get any stable footing on your roof. Secondly, you could choose to install electrified tracks that would administer a jolt of electricity to any pigeons that try to nest on your roof. When it comes to exclusion roofing, it is always best to hire professional services in Phoenix, AZ to make sure that not only is the strategy effective but that you do not harm yourself in the process.

Pigeon repellents

If you find that exclusion methods would detract from the aesthetics of your residence, then you may want to consider pigeon repellents. These repellents are designed to make the surfaces of your property inhospitable to pigeons by emitting noxious odors that are off-putting but relatively harmless to the birds. Pigeon repellents come in various forms including liquids, gels, and powders.

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