How To Deal With The Pigeon Menace In Phoenix, AZ

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How To Deal With The Pigeon Menace In Phoenix, AZ

Pigeons can be adorable birds, maybe even therapeutic, if kept in small numbers, but once their population increases beyond a certain level, they can be a nuisance. They cause all manner of problems including:

  • Splattering feces everywhere from cars to rooftops
  • Destroying crops
  • Spreading of avian-borne diseases and
  • Nurturing a parasitic community such as mites

Pigeon pest control is mostly a professional service. Apart from the fact that improper handling of pests is a hazardous endeavor, it is mostly a mission in futility. That is the reason why you need a holistic process that involves removal, disinfection, and deterrence.

You can take a gun and shoot pigeons roosting on your chimney or gutters, but that will not be effective. It is also cruelty to animals, which is not a worthwhile thing to do.

The first thing you need is to pigeon-proof your property. Pigeons need an ecosystem to thrive. If there is none, they will not even be a problem for you; they will be somewhere else disturbing someone else who has nurtured a conducive environment for them.

A perfect environment includes roosting spots on your rooftop, sources of water and food, and a haven for nests around open gutters, ledges, eaves and derelict structures.

After proofing your environment, you need to remove them. Again, this is an expert’s work, and it should be left at that. Remove the nests, droppings, feathers, and everything that they call home. Make the place new.

After that, dedicate your effort in removing the pigeons through direct and indirect methods. A combination of strategies that include pigeon repellents, nets, and spikes are effective. If you are dealing with a large community area, you may need drastic measures such as pigeon birth control or electrified tracking.

Pigeons will take time to adjust to the new environment, and they might stick there for a while before they get the message and move on. If the place is still hospitable, the pigeons will adjust to the new environment, and the cycle will continue. It is imperative that you be thorough in how you handle the pest.

Proper proofing is the most effective deterrent when it comes to pests. Spooky owls and traps can help if you are dealing with a small population of pigeons. A large kit will call your bluff if you try such tricks.

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