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Pigeon Control and Removal Services in Scottsdale AZ

Pigeons are a fact of life in cities. Like traffic and crowds, pigeons are an irritation to every urban dweller. Phoenix and other large metropolitan areas are a favored environment for these opportunistic fowl. And while it may seem that these feathered pests are simply a harmless annoyance, pigeons can transmit dangerous diseases and cause substantial property destruction.

Pigeons are considered the number one avian pest in both urban and suburban environments because of their adaptability. These birds aren’t particularly picky about their nesting environments, and so make use of various roofs, ledges, and overhangs on homes and business to make their roosts. Pigeon are also voracious eaters, and so thrive off of seed from bird feeders, field crops, and human garbage. These birds will consume nearly any substance that is edible. Additionally, because animals like coyotes, bobcats, and hawks are often scarce in Phoenix and other highly-populated areas, pigeons lack natural predators to keep their populations in check. All too often, this leads to a surplus of pigeons that prove difficult for residents to eradicate.

Pigeons Transmit Disease

Like many other bird species, pigeons are capable of carrying various diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Along with viruses such as avian flu and west nile virus, birds can carry tuberculosis, salmonella, meningitis, and encephalitis, all serious diseases. These diseases can then be communicated to humans through contact with bird feces, carcasses, or even live birds. Allowing pigeons to congregate on a property in large numbers can significantly increase the risk of such illnesses.

Pigeons Destroy Property

Any urban dweller can tell that pigeon poop is a problem. Aside from the disgusting sight and smell, bird feces is extremely acidic, and can cause permanent damage to vehicles, roofs, siding, statues, outdoor furniture, and other structures. Even when these birds are removed from a property, their dropping can still pose significant health risks, and should be eliminated through the use of an antibacterial sanitizing solution.

Removing Pigeons

Because of their tenacious attitudes and adaptability, pigeons can be very difficult to eradicate. It should be understood that removing pigeons from a home or business in a humane way takes time and consistent effort. Several strategies may be used to control pigeon populations, but they vary in effectiveness.

Live Traps
Pigeon can be caught in store-bought live traps. However, once caught, it is up to the homeowner to move the pigeon to an appropriate location for release.

Artificial repellents are designed to be applied to roosting areas in an attempt to make them undesirable. Unfortunately, these repellents are often messy to apply and only temporarily deter these birds.

Scare Tactics
Scare tactics, including the use of fake owls and noisemakers, may be effective for short-term applications. However, pigeons quickly become accustomed to these deterrents and return.

Unfortunately, these birds often circumvent all attempts at removal. If pigeons pose a substantial threat to your health or property, the best solution is seek professional help. Professional removal services asses the property to eliminate potential nesting sites and block access to prefer roosting areas, making the property uninhabitable for these pests.

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