How Pigeons Can Damage Your Home in Phoenix AZ

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How Pigeons Can Damage Your Home in Phoenix AZ

You might not know that pigeons are one of the most intelligent bird species on the planet. During World War I and II, pigeons were even used to carry messages across enemy lines, and often they were brought along on ships, so in case that ship was attacked, the pigeon could fly with a message for help.

But all those cool facts about pigeons probably don’t matter much if you home or business has been overrun by these, smart well-meaning birds.

Pigeons and The Damage Done

Pigeons are notorious for choosing a nice spot for their nests and never leaving. That’s partly due to their homing extinct, which makes them easily trainable for carrying all those important wartime messages! Yet because of that extinct, it is rather difficult to relocate or dissuade pigeons from nesting on your roof, trees, or gutters.

If pigeons have taken up residence on your property, you well know that their droppings are highly gross and almost impossible to clean. That’s due to the fact that pigeons use their poop for their nests, which means it has evolved to be very indestructible.

Pigeons droppings can cause lots of damage to your home, especially your roofing in Phoenix. There have been cases were tar-based roofs have collapsed due to pigeon droppings! And because pigeon poop is very acidic, if pigeons decide to use your car as a bathroom, the droppings can eat away at your car’s paint.

How We Can Help With Your Pigeon Pests

We understand that you don’t want to ever harm an animal as beautiful and smart as a pigeon. Because pigeons are somewhat domesticated because of their long, historic interaction with humans, it can be difficult to encourage them to make their home somewhere else.

At Atomic Pest Control, we use humane strategies to rid your home or business of pigeons. First, we will eliminate the pigeons’ nesting areas so that they will get the hint that they need to move somewhere else. From there, we will also block any access to perching areas, such as gutters and overhangs. Last, we clean up the mess that the pigeons have left behind. We use an environmentally safe, antibacterial solution that is powerful enough to wash away all pigeon poop!

When you need help with pigeon control in the Phoenix AZ, please contact us at Atomic Pest Control.

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