Should You Worry About Insects in Your Phoenix Garage?

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Should You Worry About Insects in Your Phoenix Garage?

Phoenix Insect Pest Control

Most Phoenix area residents are no strangers to finding insects in their garage. From spiders living in the darkest corners to ants crawling around the floor, there are many critters that can be living in this room at any given time. With these being so common, most people wonder if they should bother with removing them. At Atomic Pest Control, we want you to know why addressing any pest in your garage is important.

Hidden Dangers to Your Family 

Do you use your garage only to walk to the car, or are you out there often fixing bikes and working on projects? Even if you’re in this room for very little time, insects in your garage can be dangerous. Poisonous spiders, scorpions, and ants that bite are only a couple of the dangers you might face living in Phoenix. Unfortunately, if these are left untouched, the number of insects will only grow.

A Welcome Mat Into Your Home 

Whether your garage is attached or separated from your home, insects are very likely to find their way into your living space. This means it’s only a matter of time until you see ants crawling on your kitchen counters and spiders making their way into your living room. If you don’t want this to happen, you must take action as soon as possible.

Difficulty Controlling the Issue

When you don’t take control of an insect problem in your garage in a timely manner, the infestation can get worse every day. The increased presence of insects may even attract additional pests that eat them, such as scorpions. A small insect problem will generally never stay small, so don’t become complacent with them living in this area. You should also consider keeping your garage clean with epoxy flooring and keeping the space free of piled up boxes or other garage tools

How to Get Rid of Insects in Phoenix, AZ 

At Atomic Pest Control, we recommend giving professional pest control experts a call as soon as you see worrisome insects. Even if it’s just a few spiders or scorpions professionals like ours will be able to do a full inspection to determine the severity of the issue. From there, we can develop a personalized solution plan for your home. This will not only eliminate the current insects, it will also put in place deterrents to keep them out in the future.

Keep in mind that although professional solutions are effective, they must be maintained in order to keep the insects out for good. This is why regular insect removal in Phoenix, AZ is so important and something to keep scheduled throughout the year.

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