Pets and Pests: 3 Creatures to Keep Away from Cats and Dogs

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Pets and Pests: 3 Creatures to Keep Away from Cats and Dogs

Pets play an important role in many homes in the United States. Pet owners spend thousands each year on healthy food, toys, and vet visits to ensure their furry friends have a happy and healthy life. Often overlooked is the risk common Arizona rodents and insects may cause to household pets. Here are three examples of what all pet owners should strive to keep out of their home and yard.


Diseases from Rodents

The packrat is an example of only one of the problematic rodents found in Arizona. Cats and dogs can hunt and kill mice and rats, but the exposure to the diseases the rodents carry makes it risky to leave the extermination task to pets. Leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and Tularemia are just three of the potentially deadly diseases pets can contract from rodents. Some diseases, like Tularemia, can even pass to humans from infected dogs.


Stings from Scorpions

The Arizona bark scorpion lives throughout the state, and though its venom is not usually fatal to pets, it is a concern. The creature is nocturnal, but dogs can come across the pests during the day if they happen to dig up a scorpion nest. The sting of the scorpion causes pain for several hours and can lead to health concerns like breathing issues, trouble swallowing, and possible cardiovascular or neurological issues. Since it is difficult to know how each pet will react, any sting is cause for a vet visit.


Discomfort from Fleas

Many cats and dogs have severe reactions to flea saliva. The bite of the flea to a sensitive pet causes widespread itching, a rash, and loss of fur. Secondary skin infections due to the animal constantly biting and scratching to relieve the itch are possible. Fleas can also carry tapeworm larvae that can transfer to the pet if it ingests a flea.

Every pet should be able to play, sleep, and patrol their homes and yards without any risk of harm. Pest control services protect people and pets, so all can live long and happy lives. Find out more today about the options available for preventative measures to keep homes pest-free.

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