4 Types of Pests to Watch Out for in Phoenix Arizona

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4 Types of Pests to Watch Out for in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix residents know they can always count on Atomic Pest Control for the quick, safe, effective removal of all of nature’s tiniest creatures. Since 1987, Atomic has been taking care of Phoenix and its surrounding areas whether it be bees, snakes, ants, roaches, or anything else that might be causing stress. We are very knowledgeable in keeping pests gone once they have been eradicated and provide advice to our customers about how to do so.

1. Bedbugs

One of the most invasive species that anyone will ever have to deal with is the bedbug. They are tiny and very difficult to get rid of if you don’t know what you are doing. We make sure that we use a very specifically formulated bed bug spray to get rid of these little critters. All treatments are EPA certified and won’t harm humans or pets. We also use a unique method of steam cleaning that will get rid of bedbugs without the use of any chemicals, so the choice is yours for treatment.

2. Bees

Bees are also a huge problem in the Phoenix area. When the weather is warm, the bees will swarm, and we can help control them. Since the most commonly found species of honeybee found in Phoenix is the Africanized Killer Bee, it is very important that handling these bees be left to professionals, and that is where Atomic Pest Control comes into play. Our pest control specialists are trained to locate and remove the hive if necessary and we can also seal your buildings to prevent re-infestation of bee colonies. We offer many services such as emergency response times in most cases, pheromone based trapping, and even removal of honeycombs.

3. Scorpions

Scorpions are not something that most people have to deal with in any capacity, but in the Phoenix area, Atomic can make sure that once you see one, there wont be a much larger problem to follow. This area is home to the Arizona bark scorpion, which is the only species of scorpion in North America that is actually potentially deadly past its extremely painful sting. Luckily for Phoenix area residents, Atomic Pest Control can make sure that your home or office or even your barn are as safe spaces for you to work, play, or relax and carry on daily activities.

4. Pigeons

While not a life-threatening species, pigeons can also be a nuisance. We offer removal of birds, which can prevent diseases and destruction of expensive property among other reasons to want them gone. Our humane methods of removing places for them to nest as well as sterilizing and power washing all areas where they previously nested are among the most effective and easy ways to prevent them from coming back year after year to make things a mess.

Atomic Pest Control can also remove ants, roaches, and any other types of vermin you need removed. Phoenix knows best, put our pest control services to the test and see why we are the number one choice for pest control needs in Maricopa County.

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