Pest Problems? How to Identify the 6 Most Common Household Pests in Arizona

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Pest Problems? How to Identify the 6 Most Common Household Pests in Arizona

The nearly year-round warm weather that Phoenix, AZ enjoys can draw quite a few pests into your home. If you suspect you’re suffering from an infestation, it’s recommended to call in a professional to do an inspection. However, in the meantime you can use the tips below to identify some of the most common pests that are seen in Phoenix.

1. Bed Bugs

– Dark spots on your mattress, near your bed posts, or on your sheets.
– Blood stains on sheets (from where bed bugs bite you).
– Itchy welts on your skin.

2. Cockroaches

– Droppings that look like either coffee grounds or pepper.
– Seeing a roach (where there’s one there’s generally more).
– Seeing a roach egg case, which is brown and oblong containing eggs.
– You’ve noticed an odor that has gotten worse over time.

3. Ants

– Tiny holes in your walls or nearby rotted wood with an infestation.
– You see an ant trail.
– There are tiny holes in your food packaging.

4. Fleas

– Many itchy spots on skin, combined with red spots.
– Your household pets become unusually itchy.
– Flea feces on bedding or couches (this is normally red or black in a spiral shape).
– Black specks on furniture jump away.

5. Beetles

– Tiny holes in food boxes; beetles may work their way into cereal, flour, or rice containers.
– Dead beetles around your home.
– Holes or damage to blankets, rugs, and other fabrics.
– Shed skin.

6. Termites

– Several small holes in the wood outside or inside of your home.
– Sagging floors or ceiling.
– Small feces that look like pellets.
– Mud-like packing on walls or your foundation.

How to Eliminate Any Household Pest You Come Across in Phoenix Arizona

Whether you’ve noticed one cockroach or are concerned there’s a large termite infestation in your house, it’s crucial to call a Phoenix pest control expert right away. When they come to your home, they will do a total inspection of the entire structure to determine if there’s a problem present. If there is, they will immediately get to work developing a custom treatment plan to eradicate and prevent the infestation from returning. With every infestation and home being unique, customization like this will help ensure you receive the best solution possible.

Our team at Atomic Pest Control has years of experience with virtually every type of pest out there, from cockroaches and fleas to ticks and termites. For this reason, we can identify and treat your home in the most effective manner possible. This specialized approach to Phoenix pest control means getting the problem resolved quickly and not having to worry about DIY solutions that simply don’t work.

Call us at 480-832-8888 for help with any pests in your house whether they are on this list or not!

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