Why Atomic Pest Control is a Trusted Pest Control Service in Scottsdale?

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Why Atomic Pest Control is a Trusted Pest Control Service in Scottsdale?

No pest control company has been able to crack this business as we do. Atomic Pest Control has been a trusted pest control company to most Phoenix homeowners in matters of pest control. Since 1987, our pest control services has proven to not only be pleasant to our Phoenix Metro area customers but to the environment as well. In our services to the community, we understand that pest control techniques can be at times dangerous to the environment. For this reason, we opt to use techniques that are effective yet mindful of the environment such as the use of integrated pest control.

We have catered to homeowners and businesses in Scottsdale, AZ with our pest control services that are monthly, bi-monthly, or a one time service if you have a pest you need to get rid of. We love helping the people of Scottsdale with all of our pest control services.

Pests like any other living creature need shelter, food, and convenience. Often times, we provide this living conditions for them in our homes without even knowing it. This can be a nuisance especially if your family likes having guest around. Time for them to be gone.

Let our Scottsdale pest control professionals do their work, check out the list of our services below:

Termites’ removal and control
Termites are famous for their willingness to destroy buildings or homes for food. The Arizona subterranean, channel their way into your homes through the cracked structures. These termites have a voracious appetite and slowly without you even realizing it, feed on your drywall or wood till nothing more is left. Drywall and wood contain cellulose, colonies are known for liking anything that contains cellulose.

Call on us to help get rid of such nuisance. Our company, Atomic Pest Control, uses the liquid Termidor™ like any other respectable pest control company to exterminate termites. The liquid Termidor™ is effective, environmentally friendly, and odorless. The process of extermination includes drilling a hole where the termites have infected, injecting the Termidor™ in the holes, and finally, the liquid will saturate in the walls killing all the termites.

Rodents’ removal and control
Rodents can easily have access to your home and yard. Trying to win this war by yourself is close to impossible. One, they will outnumber you and too they chew everything, from tree roots to electrical wires. If that is not enough, they will go a mile ahead to bite you. Rodents can transmit the Hantavirus to humans. This deadly virus can be transmitted if you come into contact with droppings, nesting materials, or fresh urine from rodents.To avoid such incidents from happening, Atomic Pest Control has developed a silicon-based sealant that prevents rodents from coming into your home.

We have dedicated our Scottsdale, AZ pest control services to our customers by assuring them satisfaction and extermination of annoying pests. Our extermination methods are environmentally friendly and do not pose a threat to your health. Let us help you get rid of all the nuisance pests in your home or business in Scottsdale while you have fun with your family. Our consistency and reliability count.

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