Pest Control Tips to Prevent a Scorpion Infestation in Scottsdale

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Pest Control Tips to Prevent a Scorpion Infestation in Scottsdale

One of the pests that are native to Scottsdale and Phoenix is scorpions. Although some scorpions are simply a nuisance to deal with, you should be wary of the Arizona Bark Scorpion whose venomous sting can cause severe pain and other symptoms including vomiting and tingling sensations. Therefore, if you live in Phoenix AZ, it is prudent to know how best to prevent these critters from taking up residence in your yard and stop them from breaching your home. Below are some handy residential pest control tips that you could employ to prevent a scorpion infestation in your home.

Keep your yard clutter free

One thing to note about scorpions is that they are nocturnal pests. Therefore, they have a higher affinity for dark spots and crevices, as these areas will shelter them from the light. If your yard is filled with clutter, it becomes a prime breeding ground for scorpions. It is important to ensure that you routinely clean out your property and eliminate any potential abodes that they could use. Some of the favorite hiding spots for scorpions include discarded flower pots, old furniture, piles of organic debris and more.

Block access points

Scorpions are quite small, giving them the ability to wiggle their way through the smallest entry points into your home. As a rule of thumb, if a crack or gap is large enough to allow a breeze into your residence, chances are a scorpion would be able to squeeze through it. Inspect the walls, windows, and doors in your home for any cracks and crevices that would allow critters from the outside to make their way indoors. Once you have identified these weak spots, fill them with caulk to seal them up. It is also essential to ensure that any trees or shrubs growing in close proximity to your windows are trimmed routinely, as the scorpions could end up accessing your home through the higher levels of your home.

Eliminate other pests from your home

Since scorpions can be more dangerous than other insects such as roaches, grasshopper, and ants, some homeowners may make a concerted effort to eliminate the scorpions and ignore these other pests. What these individuals are not bearing in mind is that scorpions are predatory. Thus, as long as you have these other pests in your compound, you will be providing a steady stream of food for them. It is therefore advisable to engage in other pest control methods so that you can cut off the scorpions’’ food supply.

Keep organic matter secured safely

Another source of food and shelter for scorpions is organic matter that could be present in your yard. Some homeowners may overlook properly securing their trash, which would end up attracting foraging scorpions. In addition to closing your trash bags tightly, ensure the bins are also secured while the garbage awaits collection. Another form of organic matter that would provide great housing for scorpions is firewood. Always keep your wood locked in a shed and carefully inspect the pieces of wood before bringing them indoors.

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