Pantry Pests: 3 Questions To Ask Pest Control Professionals in Phoenix

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Pantry Pests: 3 Questions To Ask Pest Control Professionals in Phoenix

Sometimes referred to as stored product pests, pantry pests are something that just about everyone will deal with at one time or another. The good news is that exterminators know how to deal with this type of infestation. If you’ve not experienced a round with pantry pests up to now, you probably have some questions. Here are three of the most common ones that pest control professionals hear, along with the answers.

1. What Exactly Is A Pantry Pest?

At first, you may think of pantry pests as being vermin that often occupy other parts of the house as well as the pantry. In fact, this term refers to pests that tend to be found primarily in the pantry or cupboard. These pests include various types of insects as well as a few specific varieties. The red and confused flour beetle, the Indian meal-moth, and the saw-toothed grain beetle are common examples found in Arizona.

What attracts them? The dried foods stored in the pantry are their targets. Flour, corn meal, spices, dried nuts and powdered milk are some examples of common kitchen staples that draw them to the pantry. They will also go after dried dog food.

2. Where Do Pantry Pests Come From?

It is possible for the pests to gain entry to the home through the same routes as many other household pests. An open window or door, cracks in the foundation, or through openings in the attic are all options. In addition, the pests may be in the products themselves, having entered the packaging at the time of production or even while the goods were stored in a warehouse.

3. How Can I Reduce The Potential For Attracting Pantry Pests?

After getting rid of any contaminated food products and arranging for an exterminator to treat for any lingering problems, turn your attention to minimizing the potential for another infestation. Start by cleaning the pantry using a solution that’s half water and half white vinegar. The vinegar repels many pantry pests and will actually kill others.

You also want to get into the habit of placing dried foods in glass containers that are air-tight. This will help in two ways. The pests can’t get through the glass and contaminate the contents. If the pests were already in the product when you brought it home, they won’t be able to get out of the glass container and begin to spread.

Remember that once the pantry pests are in the home, they’re difficult to remove. Call our professional pest control company in Phoenix, have the home treated and then begin your efforts to make the pantry less inviting for the beetles and similar problems.

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