Pest Control DIY Versus Getting Professional Help

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Pest Control DIY Versus Getting Professional Help

Regardless of whether your home is old or new, a pest infestation is an unfortunate possibility. Even if your dwelling is kept scrupulously clean, certain types of invasive pests may still find an inroad, leaving you frustrated and disgusted. In the Arizona area, invasive pests are not all that uncommon. Below are some signs that certain types of insects may have entered your home and tips on when you should seek the advice of a professional exterminator:

Invasive Pests 

Pests that invade your home can interfere with your daily life and even damage your property. For example, those who live in the Phoenix, Arizona area may discover that they desperately need help with termite control. Insects of this kind are especially destructive and over time, may even compromise the structural integrity of your dwelling. Fortunately, termites leave tiny piles of wood shavings behind, which is the primary sign that they have invaded your home. If you see tiny holes in any wooden area of your dwelling or small flakes of wood for which there is no other explanation, it is highly likely that the cause is termites.

Ants are another problem Arizona homeowners frequently face, usually after these irksome insects have built colonies, the latter of which they usually do very quickly. They are commonly found in large groups, and can become very aggressive, delivering painful bites if threatened or disturbed. Finding tiny anthills in closets, under sinks, or in corners of various rooms is an obvious sign that a problem is underway. Ants can be particularly difficult to eliminate without professional help, and therefore calling a pest control company in a timely manner is your best course of action.

Virtually all Arizona homeowners know about carpenter bees and other bee species that can wreak havoc on wood in residential dwellings. Fortunately, carpenter bees are easy to spot, as you will likely see them going in and out of holes in your deck posts, fascia board, wooden window frames or other wood structures. If you have not observed the bees themselves, but think they may be burrowing into a fence or other structure, simply look for entrance holes. The latter are typically approximately half an inch in diameter.

You may also find it necessary to eliminate cockroaches. There are numerous species of this insect and they are all challenging to eliminate. They usually prefer dark, damp areas such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and cellars. Because they are virtually impossible to eliminate without professional help, the best solution is to contact an extermination company if you discover these insects in your home.

DIY Versus Getting Professional Help

It is never wise to try to handle pest infestations without a professional’s help. Licensed exterminators have the experience and skills to appropriately deal with a vast array of infestations. For this reason, you should contact a reputable pest control company without delay to eradicate infestations and prevent similar problems in the future.

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