Understanding the Dangers of Pest Infestations in Chandler, AZ

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Understanding the Dangers of Pest Infestations in Chandler, AZ

Virtually all homeowners have found unwelcome guests in their dwelling at one time or another. Irksome insects such as bedbugs and termites can wreak havoc with the safety and comfort levels of almost any home.

In the Chandler metro area, common dangerous pests include bed bugs, bees and scorpions. Homeowners may also discover that their property has been invaded by termites or rodents. However, most individuals are unaware that pest infestations are more than a mere annoyance, they may also be hazardous to the health and safety of those who live in the dwelling. Below are some dangers of allowing pest infestations to get out of control:


Bedbugs are known to deliver painful bites that may even itch in a similar way to that of mosquito bites. However, what many people are unaware of is that they may also carry germs and diseases. Although it is not as likely for one to contract an illness from a bedbug as it is a mosquito, it can certainly happen, and therefore is not worth the risk.


Scorpions proliferate in high numbers in Phoenix and most other areas of Arizona. Although they do not typically infest homes in large numbers, the presence of even one scorpion can pose a danger to members of the household. Scorpion bites are poisonous and extremely painful. Therefore, even the presence of one of these creatures in a home is a good reason to contact an exterminator.

Termites and Bees

Although termites rarely bite humans, they feed on wood, and therefore can eventually destroy the structural integrity of a home. Similarly, carpenter bees can damage areas of the dwelling, although not to the extent of termites. Nevertheless, the presence of either one of these insects should never be taken lightly.


Rats and mice are some of the most disgusting creatures one may find in a home. Not only do they ruin food and leave feces behind, they also carry a host of germs that can be dangerous to humans. Traps are inconvenient and messy, but poisons can be hazardous to the homeowner and his or her family. Therefore, the best option is professional extermination.

The Use of Pesticides

Of course, pesticides can be used in a limited way for pest control, but most formulas are not strong enough to effectively eliminate anything more than a very mild infestation. For serious problems, it is best to contact an experienced exterminator who has the tools and products to completely eradicate a broad range of insects from a home. Anyone who thinks an infestation has occurred should not spend time in worry and frustration. Rather, the best course of action is to contact a professional pest control company without delay.

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