Why You Should Eliminate Water to Repel Pests in AZ

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Why You Should Eliminate Water to Repel Pests in AZ

Arizona is one of the driest states in the U.S. In fact, the Phoenix area is located in a desert environment, receiving just over eight inches a year. While insects and rodents are drawn to areas where water is available, this is even more true in the arid southwest. Even the smallest sources of water can attract pests to a person’s home. To reduce the chances of an infestation, homeowners need to take action to keep the area around their homes free of pooling water.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are often used in Arizona. These systems provide a convenient way to keep grass green and plants healthy. However, a poorly operated system can attract pests. Sprinkler systems can leak and create pools of water. Sprinklers that oversaturate areas can also create attractive habitats for insects. Sprinkler systems should be carefully set to provide only the amount of water that the plants in the yard can use. Systems also need monitored for leaks and other problems.

Rain Collection

Many Arizona homes have rain water collection systems that homeowners use for watering plants and other uses. These collection systems need to be properly covered to prevent insects from laying eggs in the water. The water can also be treated to prevent infestations, but a tight-fitting cover is generally sufficient. In addition, systems need to be properly maintained to prevent leaks.

Water Lines

Water lines can leak and create pooling water under and around the home. Water lines should be periodically inspected for leaks and other problems. In addition to leaking, water lines can also develop condensation (also referred to as “sweating”). Condensation develops from the natural reaction of warm damp air interacting with cold water lines. Condensation develops on the water lines forming droplets of water. Plastic water lines generally do not sweat as badly as copper lines. To remedy the problem of condensation, water lines should be covered with snug fitting insulation.

Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units drip water that is built up through condensation. Air conditioning units should discharge water into a drain or onto the ground where it can quickly be absorbed into the ground. An air conditioning unit that drips onto concrete or down the side of a home, can create a moist environment that attracts pests.

Though homes can develop pest problems even without a present water source, removing water will reduce the likelihood of an infestation. Whether a homeowner needs to have an inspection to uncover potential problems or already has a pest issue to address, Our pest control services in AZ  are ready to provide the needed service.

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