Keeping Pantry Pests Out of Your Home in Tempe AZ

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Keeping Pantry Pests Out of Your Home in Tempe AZ

One of the worst nightmares a home cook can have is finding pests in the pantry. The pantry is where you store the many ingredients that you use to make tasty meals for your family. When the pantry gets infested, you don’t know what ingredients are safe and which are not. Let’s look at how you can keep pantry pests out of your home in Tempe.

What Makes Your Pantry Attractive to Pests?

The goal of the common pest is to find a ready source of food or a place to procreate. The goods we keep in the pantry offer a place for pests to make their home. If one of the pests finds the pantry, you will open the door one day to a full infestation.

The type of pest that comes to visit your home depends on what goods are available. With the drier climate and higher temperatures in Tempe, the types of pests are going to vary from those in other parts of the country. Our pest control teams often see infestations of Indian meal moth, red flour beetle, confused flour beetle, and saw-toothed grain beetle. Ants, silverfish, cockroaches, and small rodents can also become problems in the pantry.

How Can You Prevent a Pantry Infestation?

Here are a few ways you can prevent the pests from becoming a problem in your pantry:

  • Make it a habit to clean the pantry regularly. Spilled food can easily attract the first wave of pests. Vacuum or wipe up spills immediately.
  • Seal all cracks where pests can enter the home. Some pantry pests come into the home around pipes. Make sure to seal all the entry points.
  • Inspect your groceries and pantry. Many pantry pests take a ride on your groceries to enter the home. Visually inspect everything for signs of pests.
  • Use proper storage containers. Sealed containers help keep pantry pests out. Tupperware and similar products with tight-fitting lids will do the trick.

If you find a pest problem in your pantry, get rid of the infested food immediately. Then call in our pest control specialists in Tempe: Atomic Pest Control.

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