3 Tips To Keep Mice Out of Your Phoenix, AZ House

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3 Tips To Keep Mice Out of Your Phoenix, AZ House

Humans have probably been working to prevent mice from coming into their homes since the first hut was built. While there have been many wonderful technological advancements, the simple fact is that it is virtually impossible to build a home that a mouse cannot enter. However, there are some things that people can do to make their homes less attractive to mice.

Tidy Up

Trash, overgrown vegetation and clutter are all attractants to mice. Trash and vegetation provide food sources for mice. Clutter provides a safe habitat for mice to escape predators. Homeowners can go a long way to preventing mice, and other pests, by keeping their yards mowed, weeds pulled and trash securely stored.

Fill Gaps

Many homes in the Arizona area are not as well insulated as in other areas of the country. In areas with cold winters, homeowners are sure to block gaps in doors, windows and other openings that can create cold drafts. However, gaps in insulation do more than create drafts. Gaps also create easy access points for mice and other pests. By having window frames sealed, door sweeps properly adjusted and wiring access holes covered, homeowners can make it more difficult for mice to come inside a home.

Scent Deterrents

Many natural remedies for mice utilize scents that repel mice. For example, ammonia can be placed around a home to repel mice as ammonia smells like the urine of predators. In fact, fox and coyote scents can be purchased and used to prevent mice. Moth balls and cayenne pepper are also used as a mice repellent. The problem with using scent repellents is that they require frequent applications and can create an unpleasant odor around the house.

Environmental changes can help to repel mice from a home but mice are resilient and can find ways to survive. If your home has problems with mice or other pests, contact our office today.

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