Keeping Pigeons Out of Your Garden

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Keeping Pigeons Out of Your Garden

If you’ve maintained a personal garden in Scottsdale, Phoenix or any of the surrounding areas, then you may have contended with pigeons from time to time. These birds will not only eat your plants but build nests in the area, which makes them an even more persistent threat to your entire plot. The humane solutions available to you will generally involve one of three core components. These are:

• Scaring them away
• Using a safe repellent
• Placing wire netting around the area

Employing Visual Repellants 

The idea behind visual repellents is to drive off pigeons who have nested and deter those who consider targeting the area for food or nesting. Repellents are excellent as a proactive measure and in response to a minor pigeon problem. Repellants alone may not be enough if the pigeon presence is entrenched, but when they are effective, these visual repellents are ideal since they are relatively inexpensive and require little to no upkeep. Examples of these items include:

• Reflective objects and surfaces
• Coyote decoy figurines
• Other statues of predators

Keeping Pigeons Away with a Bird Repellent 

The best repellents are completely safe for people as well as the insects and other life that you may welcome to your garden. These substances don’t harm the birds but rather create an unpleasant sensation that motivates birds to leave and not return. The effect is temporary, so as soon as the bird does leave, they are fine again. Note that in Arizona, many of the most effective bird repellents are controlled substances that must be applied by a licensed professional.

Pigeon Netting to Protect a Garden 

Bird netting is a very effective and humane way to keep pigeons away. Constructed appropriately, the netting will block access to the birds but not harm them in any way. Perhaps the greatest downside is the cost and maintenance. For many people, a bird repellent will be more cost-effective even long-term. Nevertheless, netting works quite well. If you opt for this approach, contact a professional in your area because the netting that works best will vary depending on the immediate region and the pigeon type.

Take Control of Your Garden Today 

Don’t let pigeons take over your garden. Contact a local pest control expert near you in your area who can help keep pigeons away in a humane manner but also in a safe, fast and affordable way.

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