How To Keep Your Pets Safe During Pest Extermination

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How To Keep Your Pets Safe During Pest Extermination

We all love our beloved pets. For many of us, they are members of our family, and if something happened to them we’d be devastated. When you have a pest problem in your home, your pets are an additional complication. Your pets might be harmed or irritated by the pests, and you might be worried about how potentially toxic treatments might affect your pets. Here are some ways you can keep your pets safe during the pest extermination process that you don’t need a dog trainer or dog training company to tell you.

Mention That There Are Animals In The House

The first step when pest control measures are going to be taken in your home is to let your pest control representative know that you have animals in the house, what kinds and how many. Something that might be non-harmful to a dog or a cat could be a problem for a bird, for example. If you have small caged pets, like hamsters or mice, some treatments could even prove fatal if the proper precautions are not taken. Pest control professionals will work with you to ensure the pests are removed from your home and your animals remain safe. If your pet has a complicating medical condition, contact your veterinarian or put your pest control representative in contact with them to ensure that either the substances used will not be harmful to your pet, or if they are, that proper steps are taken to ensure your pet’s safety.

Relocate Them While Pest Control Is There

If you are still worried about the safety of your animals or you’ve been told it’s unsafe to keep them in your home during the treatment process, your next step is to find a place they can be during that time. Contact friends and family members to see if they’re willing to watch your pets for as long as the treatment process takes. Local vets offer boarding services if you are otherwise at a loss.

Take Proper Precautions While Treatment Is Ongoing

When the pest control professionals are at your home to begin the treatment, you will need to put the proper precautions into effect. This might include covering cages, moving pets to a different area of the house or removing toys and beds. Once the main part of the treatment is done, any follow-up care needs to be considered as well. For example, if traps have been set in your basement, it might be best to prevent your pets from going down into the basement until the traps are removed. If poison may linger in an area, you need to keep your pet away.

Pests don’t just pose a threat to people. They pose a threat to our beloved pets too. Whether your home has a flea problem because your dogs brought them in or scorpions threaten to sting your cats, be sure to get a professional pest control service on the job to rid your home of meddlesome pests. By taking the proper precautions, your pets will not be harmed and might even benefit greatly from pest removal services.

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