Invasive Pests in Phoenix That Can Cause Property Damage if Not Taken Care of

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Invasive Pests in Phoenix That Can Cause Property Damage if Not Taken Care of

Pests that invade Arizona dwellings often bring damaging results to the homeowner’s property. For this reason, a qualified pest control expert is the best person to contact when such insects are discovered. Three pests that can cause considerable damage to Arizona homes are termites, bees and rats. These pests are especially destructive and can eventually compromise the structural integrity of your home. Therefore, they must be eliminated as quickly as possible after being discovered.


Bees can harm residents of your home and damaged its structure. Certain types of bees literally carve a place to live out of any area of the home that features wood. They become very territorial and will not hesitate to swarm if they feel threatened. For this reason, they are particularly dangerous to individuals who were born with allergies to bee venom. If their hives are formed in plain sight, they may not be difficult to eliminate if the proper formulas and sprays are used. However, a full-fledged infestation or even just a high number of bees on the premises should be dealt with by a professional exterminator. If not, you may risk harm to yourself and other family members who live in your dwelling.


Most people think of rats as pests that are merely disgusting and unpleasant. However, rats can also cause considerable damage to a home by chewing wood, wires and other substances. When they decide to make a nest, they will chew to great lengths in order to accomplish their goal. This can lead to eventual structural damage that may be quite costly to fix. Rat killing formulas can be hazardous to work with if you are not familiar with poisons. Therefore, unless the problem is quite mild, an exterminator is the best person to remedy the problem.


Termites present danger to essentially any home. In most cases, there is no rhyme or reason concerning which dwelling they decide to invade or the time of year they plan their attack. However, in Phoenix Arizona and surrounding areas, summer seems to be the busiest season for termites. If they are not discovered, significant damage to your property may occur in a short length of time. This is due to their ability to bore deep into wooden structures. Most termite colonies contain a substantial number of these troublesome pests, and they are almost impossible to eliminate without professional help.

The Solution

Always call a licensed exterminator when facing pest infestations, particularly those that can damage your home. Professionals have the experience and training to effectively deal with a vast array of insects and rodents. To eliminate infestations and prevent similar problems in the future, contact a replicable pest-control company without delay.

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