Important Facts About Termites

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Important Facts About Termites

Termites are social insects that live in large nests and consume wood. They are non-reproductive and do not reproduce outside their nests. However, if you do happen to encounter them in your home, you should take steps to control their infestation. Here are a few important facts about them. Termites have no worker caste.

Termites are social insects

Termites are social insects and they breed in colonies. In a typical colony, reproductives from two different castes work together to create the next generation. These reproductives are often referred to as neotenics. They are the descendants of the primary king and queen. The breeding system of a termite colony determines the level of genetic relatedness among members of the colony and whether there is inbreeding. Understanding this is important for predicting fitness benefits in the colony.

They eat wood

Termites have a unique advantage over most other insects: they don’t have to venture outside to look for food. They live and eat wood. Their mandibles, which are like hydraulic jaws or pliers, have specialized functions. They use these tools to digest wood and air and convert them into sugar and protein. This makes termites an extremely difficult pest to get rid of without professional help.

They build large nests in soil or wood

Termites are small creatures that build large nests in soil or wood. To construct a nest, termites need a special mix of materials and substances. They use a blend of soil and water to make a nest. These tiny creatures also need lots of moisture from the soil and wood to survive.

They are non-reproductive

The reproductive roles of termites are not fully understood. It is thought that their behavior is influenced by their social environment. They may engage in policing to prevent other individuals from reproducing directly or indirectly by destroying eggs.

They mate

Termites have two types of reproductives: male and female. Both types of reproductives have the ability to see, which they use to find a mate and establish a new colony. Male reproductives prefer the light to find a mate. They will usually take to the air early in the morning, when the sun is rising.

Treatment options

There are several termite control treatments available on the market. The most common is fumigation, which uses a gas to control the termites. The gas has two ingredients: sulfuryl fluoride and methyl bromate. These two chemicals can be dangerous if inhaled. Fortunately, there are a few methods for dealing with termites that don’t involve poisonous gas.

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