How to Rid Your Home of Roof Rats

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How to Rid Your Home of Roof Rats

A growing issue in the Phoenix area are roof rats and they tend to cause major problems during the winter months. As temperatures become lower, the roof rats begin nesting on the roof and upper areas of homes in order to stay warm.

When roof rats nest in residential homes, the individuals living within the home are likely to see signs of the infestation. Roof rats are nocturnal and typically make a lot of noise at night eating through the wood, wiring, and insulation of homes. Another issue caused by roof rat infestation is the health problems caused by their waste left behind within the roof and walls of homes. Their waste also can lead to the spread of allergies and disease.

In order to rid your home of roof rats, you must get rid the outside of your home of all water and food sources. This can include removing fruit from trees surrounding your property. Fruits that roof rats seek out includes citrus fruits, like limes, lemons, and oranges. These fruits provide both food and water for roof rats.

Other food sources that may grow around your home including nuts, seeds, vegetables should be removed and stored securely. Pet food and bird seed should also be secured in order to keep roof rats away.

Water sources should also be secured in order to keep roof rats at bay. This may include securing leaky faucets, air conditioner drip lines, or sprinklers. Outdoor pet water dishes, fountains, small ponds, and bird baths should also be emptied if possible.

The house should be inspected for structural entry, or any hole or gap that the roof rat may fit through. These holes and gaps should be filled in order to reduce the likelihood of roof rat infestation. Other areas that could be cracked such as plugs or caulking should be inspected and filled if needed.

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