How To Protect Your Home And Business From Pests

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How To Protect Your Home And Business From Pests

A pest control company is someone who guards homes and businesses against possible pests. These employees use different techniques, such as using chemicals, mechanical ways, or in some cases just going door-to-door. Sometimes these pests are also in the home, such as mice or cockroaches. If you have any concerns that you might have a bug problem in your home, you should contact an expert at one of the many pest control companies in the Phoenix, Arizona area like Atomic Pest Control.

The first technique that is taught in most pest control classes is using traps. Traps work by putting the pest-control agent inside the trap and letting it go through and capture whatever is inside. The main article about pest traps is that they must be placed strategically in high-traffic areas, such as near water, food, plants, and humans. The traps also need to be placed in areas where the growth of certain pests is strong.

One of the newer pest control products being used in Arizona is a pheromone trap. These are very similar to the traditional traps, but the main difference is that instead of letting the pest escape, the pheromones attract insects. The reason they are attracting insects is because of the pheromone scent. The pheromones attract these bugs because of the scent, which is released when the bug is relaxed and ready to be caught. Some of these pest control traps are made of plastic and have plastic wedges on the bottom to keep the pests stuck between the trap and the pheromone scent.

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