How to Get Rid of Termites

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How to Get Rid of Termites

Learning how to get rid of termites is essential if you want to save your home. It can be difficult to eradicate termites on your own, but these insects are very destructive and need to be removed. One way to get rid of them is to introduce beneficial nematodes into the home. These are insects that feed on wood-boring insects. The nematodes can be sprayed into infested rooms and yard areas to eliminate termites.

The first step in determining whether you have termites is to move away all wood from the property. Using firewood can be harmful to your property, so it is best to move it at least 30 feet from your home. Another place they live is on window sills, door frames, and old tree stumps. You can also detect their presence by inspecting small mud tubes, which they use to travel and access water.

In order to identify a termite infestation, you should look for signs of infestation. You can tell if the feces of termites are hard and small. If you find termite swarmers, you should also look for cracked paint and hollow sounds in wood. These signs indicate a serious infestation, so it is recommended to move firewood at least 30 feet from the house. The mud tubes will be visible once the swarmers have landed and swarmed.

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