How to Get Rid of Scorpions

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How to Get Rid of Scorpions

Looking at ways to get rid of scorpions is a top priority for many people living in Phoenix, Arizona. One of the most effective ways to eliminate these pests is to invest in professional pest control services. However, you can also follow a few simple tips that will make it much difficult for scorpions to live in or near your home.

#1 Eliminate Food Source
One of the best ways to remove scorpions is to eliminate their food source by getting rid of other bugs. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as using a non-toxic outdoor pesticide around your home. You should also use a non-toxic indoor pesticide to treat windowsills, baseboards, and doorways.

#2 Keep Your Yard Well-Maintained
Another way to remove scorpions is always to keep your yard well-maintained. Keeping your bushes and small trees landscaped is a good idea to prevent scorpions from entering your home through windows or other openings. You should also keep your grass short while removing brush and debris from your yard.

#3 Seal Your Home
Scorpions can easily enter your home in a small opening through your baseboards, doorways, windows, outlets, or fixtures. Taking the extra time to seal your house is well worth the effort in preventing scorpions from gaining entrance inside your home. You should also seal outside of your home as well, such as sealing foundation cracks or holes in a wall.

#4 Eliminate Excess Moisture
Removing excess moisture is key in preventing scorpions from living inside your home. You should always remove puddles and standing water to make your home less inhabitable for scorpions.

Following these tips can play a crucial role in helping you remove scorpions from your home. You can also reach out to Atomic Pest Control to eliminate scorpions and a wide range of pests from your home. Our staff members are professionally trained and accredited by the state of Arizona. Satisfaction is always guaranteed, as we use the latest equipment in the industry to eliminate pests from your home.

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