How to Effectively Control Termites in Phoenix

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How to Effectively Control Termites in Phoenix

Traditional termite control methods include fumigation, baiting, and liquid termiticides. These methods leave a chemical barrier around the home that termites are unable to penetrate. Liquid termiticides work best because they are repellents, which means they prevent termites from entering your home. However, they can be lethal and require drilling into concrete.


Fumigation for termite control is a process of treating a home or building with a flammable gas called Vikane. This gas kills all termites and roaches inside, and it will not leave any residue behind. Before fumigation, it is important to remove any medicines, plants, and animals from the home. It is also essential to turn off gas and electric outlets, and turn off the television and air conditioning units.

Termite baits

In order to get the most effective termite control from baits, you must be aware of the conditions that influence termite activity. Sub-freezing temperatures reduce the activity of most subterranean termites. Because of this, bait discovery should be limited during these times. The temperature of the ground is also an important factor in bait discovery.


Termiticides are chemicals that are used for termite control. They are usually applied by applying them through a tank and pump system. The liquid or foam is pumped out from the tank through a long hose that can withstand high pressure. Many companies use this technique, but it is also a good option for homeowners who prefer to do it themselves.


Nematodes are beneficial insects that can be used for termite control. You can find different kinds of nematodes in different parts of the world. They are generally safe for humans, animals, and plants. You can use them to control termites in your shed or garden.

Spot treatments

Spot treatments are a good option when termite activity is visible on a particular area of your home. A spot treatment involves drilling small holes into wood and injecting Termidor SC into these holes. These treatments can be effective for up to four years and offer a long-term guarantee. However, the effectiveness of these treatments will be compromised if termites are outside the treated area.

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