How Pigeons Can Affect Your Home and Health

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How Pigeons Can Affect Your Home and Health

Although it may be nice to feed a flock of cooing pigeons in the park, you really don’t want these pests in your home or apartment. Not only can these pesky birds cause costly property damage, they can also seriously threaten the health of you and your loved ones.

A brief history

Believe it or not, pigeons have enjoyed a storied history with humans for the past 5,000 years. Originally brought to the United States in the early 1600s, pigeons once served as a primary source of food and entertainment for early Americans. Despite their domesticated roots, breeders began having difficulty reigning in their birds leading to escaped pigeons. These escaped pigeons formed flocks, thus becoming America’s feral pigeon population.

More than just a nuisance

Whether you own a house or rent an apartment, pigeons are resourceful birds that can nest in a host of locations. Their nests, which are primarily made of twigs and droppings, are most likely to be found in roofs, ledges, lots, gutters, and attics. Due to the fact that pigeons leave droppings where they nest, much of the property damage and health risks will occur in these areas.

The acidic nature of their droppings will accelerate the deterioration of your property. Their droppings can eat away at your roof, causing holes and leaks. Tar-based roofs are especially susceptible. In some cases, pigeon droppings can cut the life of your roof in half.

The droppings can also damage outdoor furniture and stain your balcony or patio. Furthermore, droppings can damage your automobile’s paint leading to costly repairs.

In addition to causing property damage, pigeon droppings can be harmful to your health. In fact, pigeons can transmit a host of diseases, including histoplasmosis, a fatal respiratory disease resulting from a fungus growing in dried pigeon droppings. This fungus may also lead to cryptococcosis, a potentially fatal immune system disease.

And what’s more, pigeons reproduce rapidly. If you have a couple on your property today, you may have dozens in the near future. A flock of just 100 pigeons can leave behind upwards of 4,800 pounds of droppings per year. In short, the best time to get rid of pigeons is when you first see them similar to termites.

Where can I get help?

Luckily for Phoenix residents, Atomic Pest Control can help eliminate your pigeon woes. Whether you’ve just begun noticing pigeon activity or have a persisting problem, Atomic Pest Control can help you take back your property. Call 480.832.8888 to schedule your appointment today.

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