Tips for Getting Rid of Pigeons in Phoenix

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Tips for Getting Rid of Pigeons in Phoenix

It seems like pigeons are everywhere. You seem them at the park, in shopping center parking lots, and around office buildings. In fact, they are so common, you may not consider them a true pest. However, once you have to have the duct work for your HVAC system cleaned and repaired or the rain gutters replaced because pigeons have nested and blocked things up, you will want to keep them away from your home. You may also find that some family members become ill as the dust and particles from the pigeon waste is blown into the air through the HVAC system. Here are a few tips that will help get rid of them.

Cover Nesting Areas

Keep pigeons from creating nests by covering open areas with a wire mesh. Before putting up any mesh, be sure to clean out any nesting material and pigeon waste. The birds prefer to go to a place that is familiar and comfortable, removing all traces of the critters reduces their comfort. Secure the mesh over any rain gutters, under the soffit and fascia of the roof, and across any open ducts or vents.

Reduce Food Sources

You are going to have household garbage outside in a trash bin waiting to be picked up. There will probably be food waste that the pigeons will gladly eat. Make sure to have a secure lid for the trash can and keep it tightly closed at all times. If other animals come in the night to top over the trash, be sure to clean it up completely as soon as possible.

If you are having a problem getting rid of pigeons or cleaning up their mess, contact a pest control company. They will have experience looking for hidden nests and all the equipment to eradicate all traces of them so they will not want to come back.

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