Getting Rid of Drywood Termites

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Getting Rid of Drywood Termites

The United States of America is home to a large variety of different types of termites; however, desert termites are among the most destructive. As the name suggests, desert termites generally live in dry and high desert areas, and they tend to forage throughout the landscape in search of food. They are also very sensitive to cold temperatures; when temperature drops below freezing, termite colonies can die off rapidly, and it does not take long before new colonies emerge in its place. This is the reason why it is important to regularly check ground moisture levels in your yard if you live in Arizona; if conditions aren’t suitable for the emergence of new termite colonies, then it’s best to call a professional Phoenix pest control service to do the job for you.

Mud Tubes As the name suggests, mud tubes are small tubes that contain mud; these are used by the termites to build their nests and deposit eggs. You might also come across them called “puppy tubes” or “puppy rides”. The termites use these tubes as passageways to move from one plant or tree to another, transporting food from one location to another. These mud tubes make good pathways for termites to move from one plant or tree to another, and they can lead to a lot of property damage, especially if there are a lot of trees in an area.

Controlled burns One of the best ways to get rid of any pest, but especially in Arizona where infestations are common, are through the application of pyrethroids (i.e., chemically engineered pyrethrin). Although this is commonly referred to as a “burn treatment”, this is actually a term used for the eradication of termites; and it has nothing to do with burning the affected area. A pyrethrins-based treatment not only destroys termites that have already taken up residence in a structure, it also prevents future infestations from taking place. If you have had an infestation and want to know what the best solution to get rid of them is, you should contact our termite experts in Arizona.

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