How to Eliminate Fleas From Your Home

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How to Eliminate Fleas From Your Home

Fleas are best known as tiny parasites that attach themselves to the flesh of animals in order to consume their blood. While many flea problems can be eliminated with special shampoos made for animals, it’s not always this easy. For some Tempe, AZ residents, fleas can overtake their homes and make living comfortably nearly impossible. At Atomic Pest Control, we understand how bothersome this can be, which is why we’ve shared the tips below.

1. Call an Expert

If your home is infested by fleas, traditional traps aren’t going to do the trick. To avoid the problem getting worse, it’s crucial to have a pest removal expert come to your home. Your technician will use the best solutions necessary to get rid of the fleas as quickly and effectively as possible.

2. Treat Your Pets

While your home can be treated by a pest removal expert, you’ll need to take care of your pets in order to eliminate the source of the fleas. Whether this means using special shampoos and ointments or taking them to the vet, make sure the fleas are gone by the time you bring them back home. That way, you’ll have a clean home and clean pets without any fleas in the mix.

Tip: Flea collars and treatments should be applied to pets that go outside regularly. This can greatly reduce your chances of experiencing another infestation.

3. Wash and Vacuum

Once your home has been treated for fleas in Tempe, AZ,, it’s a good idea to wash your linens, including comforters, pillowcases, and sheets. In addition to this, you’ll want to vacuum and clean your floors to ensure your home is as clean as possible. Fleas are tiny, so tackle each and every area in order to make sure they’ve been cleaned up.

4. Keep an Eye on Pets

As the year goes on, always keep an eye out for fleas in order to catch a problem before it becomes major. One of the most common signs of fleas are black specks on your pet or tiny black circular specks on your couch and floors, which are flea feces. You may also notice tiny bugs that resemble gnats hopping around on your floors or even in your pet’s fur.

If you need flea removal in Tempe, AZ, then give our team at Atomic Pest Control a call for quick and effective service today.

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