No pets, Why do I have fleas?

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No pets, Why do I have fleas?

Fleas are small, wingless parasites that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Fleas can transmit bacteria and viral disease to their host. They are a common problem for pet owners. However, many people who do not own pets are still at risk for a flea infestation in their home.

Previous tenants

One of the main reasons for having fleas in a home with no pets is due to previous tenants. They may have had pets that left fleas deep in the carpeting. When there is no food supply, fleas can go dormant for up to five months without a host. This can cause an infestation in homes where no pets reside. It is important to seek help with removal at the first sign of a flea problem.

Tracked in

Fleas can live in the grass and yards of any home. Even without pets, these fleas can be carried into the home on shoes and clothing. Once inside, a female flea can lay up to 50 eggs each day. This can quickly create a serious infestation in the home. Not only should the homeowner seek help in removing the fleas from the home, they should consider lawn treatments to prevent fleas from living in the yard.

Other infestation

Another possible cause of a flea infestation could be another animal has made its way into the home. Many types of rodents and wildlife can find their way into the home through any vulnerability. They can easily bring fleas with them. Although the homeowner may not be aware of the animal in the home yet, they may see an infestation of fleas. When having a home inspected for fleas without pets, it may be a good idea to have the home checked for other unwanted visitors.

Removing the fleas

There are various options available online and through friends and family members that can provide methods for removing fleas from the home. However, these can often be ineffective in complete removal of the problem. If even one flea or egg is left behind, a new infestation can begin.

It is important to seek professional help when dealing with such an infestation. An exterminator is experienced in these issues and can completely remove the pests from the home. They can also identify the point of entry and take steps to prevent their return. This can help ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the homeowner and their family.

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